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Diskussion: Produkt: Classic Linker

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    dec 2003

    Produkt: Classic Linker

    Instruktioner till produkten:

    - Connects PS/PS2 and Wii Classic controllers to GC/Wii
    - Support PS dance mat in Wii dancing game
    - Support rumble function
    - Programmable Auto Fire mode included

    1. Classic Linker would be recognized as a GC controller for GC / Wii console.
    2. In Wii, GC controller (or Classic Linker) is not workable in Wii menu.
    3. Supports GC controller compatible Wii games.

    How to use?
    1. Make sure the GC / Wii console is turned OFF.
    2. Connect Classic Linker to GC / Wii console.
    3. Connect a PS / PS2 / Wii Classic controller to Classic Linker.
    4. Turn on the GC / Wii console, and Classic Linker would be recognized as a GC controller.

    Configure Auto Fire Mode:
    - Hold START, press a button other then START or SELECT, release START. This will enable ?auto fire? for this button. Repeat the above procedure will disable ?auto fire? for this button.
    - When user press a button with ?auto fire? enabled, the LED will keep flashing to indicate that.
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