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    by Published on 2010-09-30 20:58     Antal visningar: 9414 

    Japp, det är på gång. Kräver en "jailbreak-dongel" med minst 64KB minne.

    Dvs någon av mobiltelefonhacken eller en Teensy++



    * AsbestOS (yeah, I’m calling it that) now works on the PS3 Slim (still doesn’t quite boot Linux, though)

    * Next headache: catching *both* CPU threads from lv2.

    * That wasn’t too bad. Threads caught.

    * Wasted like an hour debugging a bootwrapper that was working perfectly, except noone documents this stuff. dtbImage.ps3 != zImage.ps3

    * I bet you’ve never seen a Linux kernel say this: [ 0.000000] PS3 firmware version 3.4.1

    * http://is.gd/fBv7U It’s alive! Mostly, anyway.

    * Confirmed that it works (to the same extent) on the Slim too

    * http://is.gd/fCfzu working a bit better now

    * Apparently some people don't know what asbestos is (http://is.gd/fCisO). I thought everyone knew that much, given all the media attention...

    * (no it doesn't stand for "As Best OS", that's utterly retarded)

    * To clarify, you need at least a 64K (not 32K!) micro *or* a device that has at least 64K extra external storage (SD, Flash, EEPROM).

    * For example, if you have an AVR devboard with a 32K micro, you could solder in a 64K or larger EEPROM/Flash memory and make it use that.

    * Users of non-generic psjailbreak and clones are probably SOL though (that's what you get for buying essentially a dedicated piracy device).

    * Any non-microcontroller devices will work. Phones, iPods, other media players or portable consoles, etc.

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